This blog is about popular culture — what makes it good, interesting and worth talking about.  I developed an interest in pop culture in college, when I wrote my thesis on Humphrey Bogart as a hero in the 1940’s.  Throughout my career I have worked in public relations and communications and many of my clients and employers have been entertainment companies.    I currently run my own small PR company.  For more information see: Needless to say, all my opinions are my own and I reserve the right to discuss other areas that interest me, including sports and politics.

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This is what I look like:

Gary Head Shot

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  1. I also like popular culture. I was born in 1945 and during my life I saw a ton of westerns on television;. For a few years the average amount of bad guys killed was at least two an episode. So for a night of television spanning four shows you saw eight people get shot and killed. Add Peter Gunn or Hawaii Five O and the count goes up. So when I hear that video games and the movies have created an insensitive group of children who can not tell the difference between what they are seeing and real life I find it a misconception. I have not gone gun crazy and I control my anger even though I grew up and saw thousands shot on television. Was the pop culture of the fifties the preparation for a insensitivity population? I really do not think so? By the way I see in Mad Men some of Ayn Rand’s philosophy? What do you think?

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